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Egypt Economic Monitor, July 2019- From Floating to

Confronted with pervasive macroeconomic imbalances and microeconomic distortions, the Government of Egypt (GOE) started in 2016 to move forward with important reforms to stabilize the economy and restore confidence. This report looks at an important aspect of the economy's competitiveness: export performance and integration into global markets.

EgyptEgypt is its labour policies, which are frequently cited as an obstacle in doing business since there are significant restrictions on the hiring and firing of workers. Power With its huge investments in the energy sector, Egypt is beginning to address rising power demand. Egypt's mineral and energy resource base is made up for the most part

Egypt sees growth in visitor numbers and tourism revenue

However, excluding accommodation, Egypt's tourism industry receives the most capital investment of any tourism industry on the continent, according to a report cited in industry media. Given that the sector is beginning to rebound, investment flows are likely to tick upwards as well.

Egypt - GDP distribution across economic sectors

Share of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture Egypt, by sector; Employment by economic sector in Egypt 2019; The most important statistics. Average value of food production Egypt

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Egypt? - WorldAtlasJan 09, 2019· Fishers in Egypt have also invested heavily in aquaculture to increase fish production in the country. Since its introduction, Egypt's aquaculture sector has grown at a rapid rate, and by 2010, it accounted for roughly 65% of the total fish produced in Egypt. Private individuals owned most of the fish farms in Egypt.The Biggest Industries In Egypt - WorldAtlasMay 22, 2018· Most of Egypt sits on a desert, which expands each year, threatening the country's 3.1 million-hectare arable land. An estimated 11,736 hectares of this agricultural land is lost to desertification each year. As water is a scarce resource in the country, Egypt has invested heavily in solar-powered desalination facilities.

Energy demand by sector | Energy economics | HomeThe slowing in demand growth is most marked in the transport sector – with the growth of transport demand less than half the rate of the previous 20 years – as improvements in vehicle efficiency accelerate. Growth of energy demand used within industry also slows.

Egypt: Overview of the Agriculture Sector - InfomineoOct 06, 2015· The sector also employs 29.6% of the total active population (2010) and represents 11% of all exports (2001) 2. Egypt has a very arid climate, the rainfall does not exceed 190mm in the Mediterranean coasts and 60mm in the Nile delta, and even less than 25mm in the Upper Egypt. The country relies on irrigation, 99.8% of cropland was irrigated in

Egypt Overview - World BankThe US$500 million Upper Egypt Local Development Program for Results is improving the business environment for private sector development and local government capacity for quality infrastructure and service delivery to citizens and local firms in two of Egypt's poorest governorates, Qena and Sohag which have a population of 8 million citizens

Egypt's Media Landscape: An Overview - Chronicle Fanack

Egypt has one of the most established and influential media industries in the Middle East. The origins of the modern media can be traced back as far as 1828, with the introduction of the printing press and establishment of the country's first newspaper al-Waqi'a al-Misriya, and later in 1875 al-Ahram, the oldest in the Arab world. Under British occupation in the 1930s, Cairo became the Economy of Egypt - Chronicle FanackA recent study on the development of tourism traffic to Egypt indicated that the tourism sector achieved strong growth during 2018 compared to the years following the 2011 revolution. Preliminary data showed that the number of tourists increased by 40 per cent in 2018, reaching around 11.6 million compared to 8.3 million in 2017.Endgame: Egypt's path to eliminating hepatitis B and C Jun 15, 2019· The scale of infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Egypt was unlike any other country in the world—in 2015 an estimated 6.3% of the population was living with the virus. With a population of 93m at the time, that amounted to close to 6m people. In comparison, the prevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV) was much lower, estimated at 1% of the total population.Renewable energy sector in Egypt - Open to ExportThe Egyptian government is committed to increasing power generation from renewable sources and developed a policy framework that incentivises investment in renewable energy generation. Market overview Egypt's renewable energy market is relatively new and has great potential given the sunny weather and high wind speeds. Egypt plans to generate 12-20% of its electricity

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