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Inertial Road Profilers FAQ - Ames EngineeringA profilograph has a strange response curve which can cause some features to be exaggerated and others under-represented, while Profilers have a predictable reponse curve which is

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Sep 14, 2010· The profilograph shall remain the property of the Contractor. When a profilograph, PCCP is not included as a pay item, and the above conditions are met, the Department will furnish, calibrate, and operate the profilograph or the Department will develop a change order in accordance with 109.05 to include profilograph, PCCP as a pay item.

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Seeding and Mulching is a cost effective way to help stabilize exposed soils and restore areas that have been disturbed during construction activity.

Profilograph | Article about Profilograph by The Free profilograph[prō′fīl·ə‚graf] (engineering) An instrument for measuring and recording roughness of the surface over which it travels. Profilograph in metalworking, an instrument for measuring surface irregularities and displaying the results in the form of a curve characterizing the waviness and roughness of the surface. The curve is subjected to Profilograph Testing — Pavement Engineering Inc.Profilograph Testing . Smoother roads, which translate to better ride quality, are the public's number one transportation demand. According to the Federal Highway Administration and the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), smooth roads last longer, are safer and save money because they require less maintenance.

Design of a profilograph for mapping pavement in virtual The profilograph proposed in this paper is able to map pavement smoothness faster as well as show 3D graphs of the pavement. This profilograph consists of two subsystems. The first subsystem is a hardware system designed using rate gyros and accelerometers

Testing Services - The Transtec GroupPavement Texture. Transtec is capable of high resolution 3-D measurements of pavement texture using our line-laser-based texture profiler, RoboTex.Detailed knowledge of your pavement's macrotexture is vital to understanding and improving many of its functional performance characteristics including safety (friction and splash & spray), environment (traffic noise), and life cycle (durability).

Profiler - Greenwood EngineeringProfiler The Greenwood Profiler is a professional road survey system used by road authorities and national road research institutes world-wide for cost-effective maintenance of the road surface and the surroundings. Pavement profile characteristics and status of surrounding road equipment are essential to optimize road maintenance, reduce risk of accidents and increase mobility and driver

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Profilograph Operator - Initial : In accordance with SOP 34, the Concrete Branch is responsible for the certification of personnel and equipment used for the smoothness testing on Portland cement concrete pavement. The certification program consists of both a written and a practical examination.CS8500 California Profilograph - Surface Systems & InstrumentsThe SSI CS8500 Profilograph is perhaps the most widely used surface profiling device in the world. The CS8500 is the updated model of the James Cox & Sons CS8200 profilograph. SSI acquired the McCracken profilograph operation from the Besser Company in 2004, making SSI the only supplier of California style profilographs.Push Profilograph, Tablet Upgrades4200 Profilograph; 4200 Profilograph. Tablet Computer Upgrades. Tablet computer upgrades are available for existing Model 4200 Profilographs. This upgrade replaces your existing PCL-486 handheld computer with a Windows based tablet computer running our Ames Profilograph software. Similar to our Ames Profiler software which powers our inertial What is the IRI? What is the inertial profiler?The profilograph is a manually propelled device that uses rolling wheels. Profilographs have limited and erratic frequency response to the pavement roughness. The inertial profiler uses laser sensors and can travel at highway speed. Inertial profilers provide more consistent results.

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