high accurate slag dart application machine for iron casting process

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These include slag and dross skimmers, scrapers, sampling spoons and stirrers, all cobbled together from scrap iron and steel. But there is a better way. Foundry tools manufactured using advanced ceramic materials are available for a wide variety of melt shop tasks and offer important advantages over metal tools in almost every application.

(PDF) Defects, Root Causes in Casting Process and Their process parameter to must co ntrolled while casting process, so there are no of uncertainty and defects are face by organizations. In casting process industries are need to technical solution to m

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The most well-known of these is the Linz-Donawitz process (or LD process), also known as the basic oxygen steel making process. Liquid pig iron and scrap metal are fed into the LD converter, and flux for making slag is added. Oxygen is blown into the cast via a lance.

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The DTC-400 is compact and powerful machine to match every possible application. High precision LM guideways, ball screws and high rapid traverse helps in achieving high degree of positional accuracy at faster rate. The machine is loaded with table size of 650*400 mm and has stroke size of 500*400*320 mm along x, y and z axis respectively.

Carbon Steel and Mild Steel | Metal Casting ResourcesCasting machines enable continuous casting of molten steel into shapes more suitable for downstream processing. Ladles are lifted to an elevated platform where they discharge the molten steel into a tundish, which feeds the casting machine. Molten steel is fed from the tundish into a water-cooled mold with a movable bottom plate.Monolite Spray Working Lining - monoconfoHigh level of insulation. Good deskulling. Contoured lining thickness for even longer sequence casting - Slag zone thickness can be easily increased if required. Suitable for both HOT and COLD practice. Monocon tundish spray machine. Range of compositions to suit every requirement.

Steel Slag Selling Leads - ecplazaRefractory & Ball Slag Dart, Steel Plant Control Slag Dart, Slag Dart For Steel Making Supplier Features •Higher bulk density •More resistant to impact, burst and erosion •Customize slag darts used for 30-300 ton BOF converts based on your

Waterjet Cleaning | Shape Process AutomationWaterjet Cleaning Robotic Cleaning includes Washing, Deburring, De-Coring and Stripping. Robotic Waterjet Cleaning is an approach for washing, deburring, de-coring and/or stripping all types of contaminants from parts, assemblies, molds, fixtures, and carriers using pressurized fluids.

Method for scooping-up slag from liquid iron - · The present invention provides a high efficiency method for scooping-up slag from liquid iron in a ladle. The two wings of slag rake mounted to the front end of cantilever descend side by side until beneath the surface of the liquid iron at a certain depth. The two rakes make swinging movements, respectively, along the surface of liquid iron.


that slag may adhere to the quartz tube when passing through the possible slag layer on top of the molten metal. This cap is made of steel for application in steel melts. For application in low temperature steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys, it is made of aluminium. A CNC Machines – My Tutorial WorldSetup time and inspection time are high. Number of dimensions to be maintained is large. Precision involved in component is high; Areas of Application: CNC system has been applied to all types of machines form simple sawing machines to complex machines to complex contour grinding machines. Major areas of applications are: Metal cutting machines.Casting (metalworking) - WikipediaIn metalworking and jewellery making, casting is a process in which a liquid metal is somehow delivered into a mold (usually by a crucible) that contains a negative impression (i.e., a 3-dimensional negative image) of the intended shape.The metal is poured into the mold through a hollow channel called a sprue.The metal and mold are then cooled, and the metal part (the casting) is extracted.CASTING - slideshareJul 24, 2014· Die casting Die casting is a very commonly used type of permanent mold casting process. It is used for producing many components of home appliances (e.g rice cookers, stoves, fans, washing and drying machines, fridges), motors, toys and hand-tools. Surface finish and tolerance of die cast parts is so good that there is almost no post-processing

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