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The Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969 (Public Law 91-173), generally referred to as the Coal Act, was the most comprehensive and stringent Federal legislation governing the mining industry to date. Key components of the Coal Act include: Four annual inspections required at all underground coal mines; Two annual inspections required at all surface coal mine

Lead Mines In The United States | The Diggings™Browse lead mines in The United States by region—including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona. Lead Mines In The United States Total Prospects Occurrences Plants Producers. Alabama 72 27 8 - 37 Alaska 2502 1088 713 8 693 Arizona 3226 293 213 17 2703 Arkansas 244 19 62 1 162 California 2292 407 196 20 1669 Colorado 4073 73 412 56 3532 Connecticut 22

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Nov 01, 2019· This statistic outlines the total coal-mining employment in the United States from 2009 to 2018, by mine type. Active coal mines in the U.S. Coal-mining employment in Alabama

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The U.S. Government's Official Website for the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE). OSMRE's business practices are to reclaim abandoned mine lands (Title IV), regulate active coal mines (Title V), and apply sound science through technology transfer.

Salt Mines in North America | ActforlibrariesNorth America has a large salt production. Most productive mines have waterways nearby to aid in transporting it. However, the main salt mines are in New York, Kansas, and Michigan. Additional zones occur in the southern United States from Alabama to Texas and along the western coast. Morton is a well-known producer of salt.List of copper mines in the United States - WikipediaThe following lists of copper mines in the United States Leading copper-producing mines. Leading copper-producing mines in the U.S. in 2018, in order of output: The mines on this Revett Minerals, Hecla Mining: Closed 2015; active between 1981 and 1983, and Burra Burra: Ducktown, Polk County, Tennessee: Tennessee Chemical Company

Map of Gems & Minerals in the United StatesThis clickable map has information about gems, minerals, and fossils in the United States. There are many locations throughout the country that have very valuable sources of minerals such as opals, turquoise, jade, tourmaline, amethyst, and beryl. Even precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, and aquamarine can be found in the U.S. By clicking on each state, you will find detailed information

12 Best Places You Can Legally Find Gold in the United StatesAug 26, 2018· The Gold Bug Mine is a real mine left from the days of the historic Gold Rush. This park offers visitors a chance to tour the Gold Bug Mine and Priest Mine, either on a self-guided tour or guided tour. There's also a gold mine museum here that would be perfect to learn more about the history of gold in the United States.

List of coal mines in the United States - WikipediaThe following table lists the coal mines in the United States that produced at least 4,000,000 short tons of coal.. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), there were 853 coal mines in the U.S. in 2015, producing a total of 896,941 thousand short tons of coal.

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A Location Guide for Rock Hounds in the United States 1 ALABAMA Alabama comprises two geological regions. The northeast section is mountainous, constituting the southern end of the Cumberland Plateau and climaxing in 2,407 ft. Cheaha Mt. This crystalline or mineral region is composed primarily of metamorphosed PaleozoicAsbestos Statistics and Information - USGSAsbestos is a generic name given to six fibrous minerals that have been used in commercial products. The six types of asbestos are chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite asbestos, tremolite asbestos, and actinolite asbestos. Several properties that make asbestos so versatile and cost effective are high tensile strength, chemical and thermal stability, highGold, Silver, And Other Mining Claims In The United States 3,890,951 records of mining claims on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. 415,736 active mining claims. 732 pending mining claims. 3,474,483 closed mining claims. 134,153 records of mines in The United States States.Interactive map of coal resources in the United States The U.S. Geological Survey's National Coal Resources Data System comes with an interactive map that provides a huge amount of information on the distribution, thickness, and classification of coal in the United States. The interactive map contains over 250,000 data points, each typically representing a core sample, drill hole, or driller's log in a specific location.

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